Good Luck to Dr. Denbo as she moves out of our area! She writes to our patients....

Posted on July 13th, 2017

Farewell from Dr. Denbo

Our children (Norah and Owen) have also been in Houston to be able to spend more time with Jason, as he was not able to commute frequently.  We became aware several months ago that there was no position for Jason here in Memphis, as we had hoped ther would be.  Therefore, It is not really a choice, but a necessity, that we go where there are jobs for us both.

Although I am very excited to be with my family again, I am deeply upset to be leaving a wonderful base of patients, many of whom have been with me for 6 years, when I was just out of residency.  I cannot thank all of you enough for trusting me with your health, and for helping me grow as a physician over the past several years.

My colleagues here at Adams Patterson--Drs. King, Keegan, Healy, Tonkin, Chappell and Butcher, as well as Darby Heitman our nurse practitioner, are genuinely the best group of individuals (and friends) I could ever have the pleasure of working with.  They have been extremely supportive of my family situation and have managed to help me work out the temporary commuting situation so that I could remain here with the patients that I have become close to.  They also uphold the highest standards of care for all our patients.  Your transition to any of them should be seamless and there should be no difficulty whatsoever in getting appointments, having questions answered, etc.

Thank you again for being a part of this first, most important, chapter of my career.

Sincerely Yours


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